Study Topics


All sociodemographic data of the participants will be collected by direct interview. These data include age, sex, level of education, ethnicity, and occupation.

Family history of disease

History of any disease will be checked in every participant, particularly the history of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors, cancer and other non-communicable diseases. The cause of death in parents and siblings will also be recorded.

Clinical data

All clinical data of the participants, including past medical history, habits & risk factors, drug history, and health-related behaviors will be recorded for the participants.


Anthropometric measurements, blood pressure, and electrocardiogram are included in this study.

Cardiovascular disease

All participants will be asked about the history of any cardiovascular disease and their symptoms will be checked by Rose questionnaire.

Trauma and accidents

History of any trauma and accidents in every household will be reviewed. Only the head of the family will complete this form.  

Psychological status

GHQ-28 questionnaire will be completed for every individual above 15 years old in the household. This will give a broad perspective of the psychological status in our cohort.